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Script Consultancy

Martina Nagel has an MA in Cinema Arts from the Free University of Berlin and is currently completing her dissertation on Film Genre. Martina is also an accomplished script doctor and has worked alongside Bart Gavigan where they have run script clinics for many writers and directors from the UK and for top Hollywood professionals:

"Working with Martina and Bart is to discover the hidden potential of your story or script. enlightening, Encourinaging. Exceptional!"
Iain Smith, producer ('Entrapment', 'The Fifth Element', 'Seven Years in Tibet')

"The script clinics are an eye opener! An injection of youth to any piece of work! Day 1 Destruction, Day 2 New Foundation, Day 3 Resurrection. I would have gladly done six days, such was the enlightenment. Perhaps the best analogy is the Olympic Three Day Horse Trials - dressage, show-jumping, cross-country - with horse and rider being tested to the ultimate. Yet the results make for a better writer, director and script. Only the most vain and ego-driven creator would deny the importance of
this unique process."

Hugh Hudson, Oscar nominee for best director ('Chariots of Fire')

Martina currently writes on film genre for the New ScriptWriter. To view her most recent articles, click on the links below. Most articles are available in acrobat .pdf format. For details on Script Consultancy or Script Clinics .

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Some stories are better
told as documentaries
on documentaries
Being true to yourself
on The Sixth Sense
Pyschodrama not Personal Drama on The Hours
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Writing Action Scenes

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