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Let's Do Lunch

A weekend in the wilderness, wild rivers, thundering waterfalls, sleeping round the campfire, being fed and watered - sound great? ...until you find out that YOU are on the menu!

Two actors, with Lunch
In pursuit of Lunch

This comic drama is about three very different people on a survival weekend, where the only food they have is our Hero - a streetwise chicken called 'Lunch', who is determined not to become anybody's last supper! This highly original film is told from the chicken's point of view and it was shot in the Western genre, with every scene colour corrected and music specially composed.


The crew on location Premiered at the Curzon Soho: 28 June 2001

Featured in The British Film Catalogue 2002

Genre: Modern Comic Western.

Length: 12 mins

Available on Digi-Beta, Beta SP & VHS - PAL/NTSC


The Two Smelly Sisters as Lunch
Patrice Naiambana as Noah
Kathleen Thompson as Baxter
Owen Seymour as Rev Colin Durdle


Writer: Ann Clifford
Additional dialogue supplied by cast
Music Director: Michael Vogelmeier
Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Martina Nagel
Producer: Katrina Moss
Executive Producer: Martina Nagel


No chickens were harmed during the making of this film and LUNCH (played by the 'smelly sisters') are now living happily back on the farm where they were raised.