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Katrina MossKATRINA MOSS (Producer) WFTV, NPA

Katrina was the Producer of Shaking Dream Land a feature currently in post-production (psychological thriller), starring Philip Winchester, Jesper Christensen and introducing Cloudia Swann. She also has in development four other features including Tears for Delaney with Charles Dance and John Hannah.

Her first short film as a producer was Let's Do Lunch, which was officially selected for film festivals in London and Los Angeles and well received by BAFTA. This was followed by Rain in Hell for the 48hr Film Challenge, both films were featured in the British Films Catalogue of 2002 and 2003. She freelances as a Production Manager and Line Producer and has worked on a $15m feature shooting in Thailand and Japan called The Silk Road and for Hong Kong Action movie Weapon of Choice for Ravenwolf Films.

Katrina previously had a lucrative career in advertising sales and then ran her own company for eight years featured in the National Press as a 'success story'. Katrina spent several years studying scriptwriting before transferring her business skills into TV and film production. She worked as a Production Manager on three documentaries broadcast on BBC1, including A Story of the Heart, which was nominated for the Templeton Prize in Los Angeles. Katrina is used to working to tight budgets and deadlines and has organised shoots in South Africa, Los Angeles, Europe and the UK.


Ann CliffordANN CLIFFORD (Writer)

Ann began her writing career as a playwright with plays touring South Africa, Europe and the West End Fringe. She did an MA in Screenwriting (LCC with Phil Parker) graduating in 2002.

Writer of Let’s Do Lunch a 12 minute comedy short produced in 2001, which was officially selected for film festivals in London and Los Angeles and well received by BAFTA. She is also the writer of Shaking Dream Land a feature produced in 2005, currently in post production due for release in 2006 starring Philip Winchester and Jesper Christensen.

A prolific and creative writer for film and tv, her scripts include 5 other feature films one of which is Tears for Delaney with Charles Dance and John Hannah attached. She has also written two TV features and was commissioned by TVN Productions to write The Boy in the Lemon Suit. Her other commissions include a biography called Ellie’s Story.

She was a finalist with Hush Little Baby in the PAWS screenwriting awards sponsored by Carlton TV and her short film The Handshake has been showcased at TAPS (Television, Arts Performance Showcase) in Kent and at Bafta.


Martina NagelMARTINA NAGEL (Director/Cinematographer/Screenwriter)

Martina has worked for 10 years in British television, mainly on documentaries for the BBC as cinematographer and recently worked alongside Robert Driskell who was DoP on the American feature film End of the Spear by Every Tribe Entertainment. Martina was DoP of the Second and Aerial unit on the feature, both of whom received critical praise for their work (see below)

End Of The Spear
End Of The Spear

"Robert A. Driskell Jr.'s sumptuous cinematography (the movie was filmed mostly in Panama) makes every raindrop glisten, every leaf appear translucent and every winding river resemble a flowing turquoise train.... The missionaries and their families had settled in the Amazon Basin hoping to save the endangered tribe, then known as the Auca, from extinction in deadly intertribal warfare. Because Nate piloted a bright yellow aircraft, which the astonished Waodani identify as "a wooden bee" when it first buzzes overhead, the movie has some gorgeous aerial photography."

January 20, 2006

"Lenser Robert Driskell has some spectacular territory to work with (principal photography took place in Panama, rather than the dramatic setting of Ecuador's Amazon basin). But Driskell's work, like many of the film's technical aspects, also involved logistical hurdles, all overcome with aplomb. Aerial work for a scene when Nate takes tribesmen up in a small plane is particularly impressive."

Thurs January 19, 2006


Martina has just directed Shaking Dream Land feature film, Robert Driskell was DoP, the film is currently in post-production, due for release in 2006 (click here for details).

Recently Martina was chosen as one of only two cinematographers to take part in an 8 day Master Class with Mike Figgis, organised by the European Film Academy. This took place in Slovenia in November 2004, during which they shot and finished the 90 minute film COMA, which has since been officially selected at the Berlinale Film Festival 2005 and The Festival de Cannes 2005.

Martina has also written five feature film scripts: The Little Shooting Star, a family film for Rich Entertainment; The Imaginary Friend, a supernatural teen film, featuring the graffiti and skateboard culture in the United States (selected for Tribeca Film Festival) ; K-Boys a thriller, featuring Asian gangs during the L.A. Riots, commissioned by ShimFilms; MythMaker, a political thriller inspired by the life of the German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl and The Silk Road, a supernatural thriller featuring the persecuted underground church in China, commissioned by Every Tribe Entertainment in L.A. California. Martina has just finished co-writing another feature film script with Bart Gavigan on the life of Albert Schweitzer for Neue Filmproduktion in Berlin.

Berlinale BearShe also participated at the Berlinale Talent Campus 2003 where Sony produced her short film Black Mark during the Berlinale and this was officially selected by the London Film Festival 2003 and the Commonwealth Film Festival.

Martina is an experienced script doctor, for details on script clinics, click here.